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Converting waste materials into new materials and objects. Recycling reduce the consumption of fresh raw materials


Product is capable of disintegrating into natural elements in a compost environment, leaving no toxicity in the soil.


Other than green technology products, we also help luxury high-end food brands to get into Chinese markets

as a Pioneer

We, under TTL, foresee the importance of trading green products globally. For high-end lifestyle customers, restaurants, retail, online/offline shops, and KOLs, Stradf offers high-end quality products and supports. STRADF takes pride in consistently delivering high-end products that our quality customers include in their daily lives. Choose STRADF for guaranteed Quality, Luxury Market Expansion in China’s Greater Bay area and Green Co-operations. We wish to provide strong trading relationship with different high-end bodies for sustainability #辰安優品 #辰安家庭 #辰安旅運 #辰安國際貿易 #走起吧

World’s Problem

In September 2018, the World Bank announced that our global waste production is predicted to rise by 70 per cent by 2050 unless we take urgent action. Humankind currently produces two billion tonnes of waste per year between 7.6 billion people. -Sensoneo0

Our Profit

To fulfil our goal and mission, we are target to contribute 5% of our annual profit back into green technology research and developments. For organisation and government to help fight global warming and climate changes


Be our Partner

If you think you have amazing green or high-end quality with history products that you wanted to introduce to us and promote it, feel free to contact us and we are always welcome to create a win-win long term partnership to help the world and future generation

We send and trade goods to people who waste and forgot the world is at risk


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