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Unlocking the Potential: Tailor-Made Market Plans for Global Brands in China’s Greater Bay Area


      Our services


      We offer a clear market insights for brands who have strong willingness to expand their brand coverage


      We offer a variety of local packaged professional marketing services for any brands to expand locally


      Our top mission is to help buyers, government and corporates to source and trade top tiers green products


      We offer a variety of green to fulfill Corporate ESG planning and reporting


      We aim to secure long-term sustainable partners to provide healthy brand developments


      We wholesale special selected food from different countries. Skin oil, Snacks, olive oil, organic food etc

      Our Product Offerings

      Further details will be provided in PDF with proof, product info and certifications etc, feel free to contact us for long-term relationship

      Our Products

      Take a peek inside our offerings

      Marketing Plans

      We have all the marketing plans you needed to expand into our market including SEO, SEM , Instagram, Facebook, Google , Video Making , Designs and Events and Collaboration etc 

      AI Technology

      Under the outbreak of AI technology, we are hereby to utilise the best productive tools to create an fast growing efficicent market expansion plans for all brands around the world to ex\pand here locally

      Compostable Utensils

      We also partnered with a reputable supplier for buyers who love to buy components for food and beverages especially tailored services for new cafe and restaurants with paper cups, knife, straw etc.

      “From Sourcing to products Delivery, we want it long-term and eco-friendly.”

      We aim to create a real incredible experience for green products trading. The quality of trading was only matched by the quality of service. STARDF wishes and carefully select long-term sustainable trading partners. Feel free to contact us if you are finding a trust-worthy trading partner.

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      We send and trade goods to people who waste and forgot the world is at risk


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