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STRADF offers updated news on global green actions, we are aligning partners and suppliers to enrich our eco-actions, trades and the health of the future.
In Stradf, We Believe!


Get to Know the Real Issue

According to data and current climate, we can clearly see that our world is at risk. If we still put aside and ignore these issues, all disasters will come more frequently and even stronger

Earn while Promoting

Getting into our "Create For Change" program, we want our network to earn in rewards for promoting green actions. We welcome all suppliers and talented-sellers to join us


Buy Professional Products

Go into the fields of products, we will choose carefully on the products we provide and exchange. The ultimate goal is to bring awareness to human how the world is changed

Gathering all shops, suppliers and KOLS to join us!


How does the Program work?

We invest in you! The Stradf Influencer Program allows you to recommend Stradf’s products on your social media and earn money for each order and purchases made by yourself and  followers. Please read our terms and conditions

Who qualifies for this program?

Any Social Media Influencer can participate in this program. You must have an Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or Twitter account to be considered. We will consider the number of followers your account has, the kind of content you share and other market metrics.

How much I can earn?

We reward the most competitive sales/seller with all sorts of benefits we have within our group such as travelling, food and skincare . The more approved orders, the more money you can earn. To know more about Stradf Influencer program, please contact our team (include your social media URL in the email).

How do I get started?

Fill in the information below Click on ‘SEND’ to submit your application. Once you have been approved, we will contact you on how to create orders and delivery options. Then, you can start recommending STRADF products right away using every methods you have to earn and create your extra income!

"What I love about STRADF is that the enthusiastic to promote greens and the sharing how how they see the problems in the coming 10 years and the effects to our future generation
Alice Ko
Shop Owner
“The food that STRADF provide are mainly organic and natural, in which more and more customers are concerning about their health after the out break of the global virus. Through their help, we are able to earn with smile"
Community Leader

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    We send and trade goods to people who waste and forgot the world is at risk


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